Our Team

Nancy Katyal is the Founder & Chief Image Officer at ThePerfectYou and a REX Karamveer Global fellow. She is an Internationally certified Image Consultant.

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Why hire an Executive Presence Coach?

We speak to the world with our Presence and our Executive Presence speaks volumes about us.
Some call it the “IT factor” or “your ability to own the room” and in the fast paced world, it has become necessary to discover and develop our Executive Presence in order to leverage and maximise our potential. Executive Presence is the essence of leadership. Whether you are an Executive or not, you have an Executive Presence. It is an embedded skill, behaviour, and attitude that becomes a personal trait with practice which in return helps you to influence, create an impact and align your authentic self with how you engage with others to get ahead. Executive Presence in the is the key requirement for moving up the ladder.

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Individual Solutions

A Co-traveller as a Coach !

One of the most satisfying experiences for us is when someone;
* Moves a step ahead towards their journey
* Is able to identify patterns that no longer serve them
* Is able to raise their awareness of their emotions and are able to process it .
* Becomes more assertive in stating their needs .
* Develop their thought leadership and are aware of their conscious presence
* Able to have engaging conversation with others
And most importantly are loving towards themselves first and then love towards others happen naturally and the circle expands.

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