Animal world and Self improvement…

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Reading with my daughter – The book had some great visuals of animals and their characteristics.

30 mins past — I am writing now, having learnt some role model and bad behaviors that stand out from the great visuals shown in this book. They display their abilities and deficiencies – a useful guide for us to know what to adopt and what to avoid.

Take a read

Loving and adopting behaviors –

  1. Dog – love, trust, commitment (opposite of god)
  2. Crow – scavengevers, scavenging bad feelings from mind
  3. Cow – Every part of my body and it’s output is useful

Behaviors – to be avoided –

  1. Cat – demanding sympathy
  2. Monkey – mischievous, joker – no focus
  3. Rat – timid – shy to communicate
  4. Giraffe – I know it all
  5. Elephant – be a roadblock
  6. Lion -I am the king. Demolish the rest
  7. Rabbit – never at a place…may be difference of opinion, keeps running
  8. Frog – repeat the same thing…boredom
  9. Owl- behave like very intelligent, profound knowledge gained.

Isn’t this a useful guide to set on the path of continuous improvement with a focus on maximizing the goodness…Thank you my angel daughter for the great lesson learnt.

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