At the end of the day, it’s about…

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At the end of the day, it’s about…. …About consumers in retail bank and kids in schools…..Customers. Yes Yes Yes.  But – you see these are results that we aspire for, but we have little direct control over them. What we need is a model that links these results with the critical means or specific things in control. Leadership today is plagued by not wanting to dwell too much into the means and is happy to just measure and preach its commitment to achieve results. Example – leaders review customer satisfaction with banking products or assessment scores in a school. During the review they ask for enquiry into superficial indicators like – which parameters are low, which subjects, customer base, teachers, kids that scored low…and ask the managers and teachers to recommend action programs to improve by a drawing an action program linked to these superficial indicators. Opportunity lost — as the improvement actions or the buttons you press to achieve results are far drawn from these superficial indicators. At the end of the day, results can only be achieved by ensuring the controllable means are well identified, measured and linked to results….the means that go beyond the superficial indicators above. It needs means like the below to measured and controlled

  1. The methods in doing work
  2. Culture of best practice sharing among staff
  3. Recognition and differentiation for good performers
  4. Coaching style by leaders which is action oriented
  5. People engagement in terms of ideation and process improvement participation
  6. Quality of hiring new staff
  7. Knowledge and skill assessment ratings of staff.

Managing the means requires an open enquiry into the wider operations and people aspect. Many leaders do not have the time for this important investment. I don’t know why they are sad about low results without having invested in the means. Sad…

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