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When a business (for profit or non profit) isn’t going well, its leaders often think and talk about changing the corporate culture. They are right, as in my view, creating and spreading the desired culture amongst people is of utmost importance…better done sooner and as a continuous activity. Cultural shift appears to be fuzzy and a complicated task. However I believe this can be simplified by defining some key steps as a process. 

To start we need to understand 2 key components of any cultural change. First – the RESULTS we are trying to attain from cultural transformation and Second – identifying and driving the underlying BEHAVIORS to achieve those results.

Behaviors are the “soft stuff”…And improving the corporate culture is to do with identifying and driving these softer aspects of the organization and linking them with clear results. 

Follow these steps as a process to drive and embed culture.

  1. Tell people clearly what results you are looking for
  2. Ensure linkage of identified key behaviors with results you are trying to achieve
  3. Ensure these behaviors are well communicated and heard
  4. Defining specific action steps to put these behaviors into existence
  5. Following through in discussion for adherence to behaviors, coaching etc…
  6. Rewarding people for producing results aligned to behaviors.

In essence…People change when there is enough evidence to prove that the behaviors are linked to results are acted upon by some opinion makers and well rewarded for. It is only with this evidence that one can expect cultural transformation. 

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