Revenge on the Innocents

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I’ve come across several people who speak their mind and do so bluntly. While they equate their bluntness with being forthright, but others correctly conclude this as lacking intact. This always becomes an obstacle in relations with others. The bluntness is usually regarded as being individualistic and discourteous, much against the required code of conduct of mutual respect.  Why people lack tact? – In a sense, these people are not discourteous but just uncourteous. They do not recognize the need for courtesy in their association with others. I believe they are on the prowl for revenge. They are inflicting revenge not to people who’ve injured them in the past, but on innocent people. This feeling of revenge could be deep rooted from sufferings in the past, insecurity or too much security. These are deep rooted feelings and show their manifestations in their reactions to harmless Innocent people. Couple of examples – With hatred deeply rooted – innocents saved in the war avenge the damage to their forefathers by killing other innocents who are descendants of the guilty in the war.  In collages, student rag innocent’s new recruits who had nothing to do with the ragging suffered by the present senior batch.  The practice of taking revenge on innocents is quite widespread – even engaged by perfectly intelligent and honorable people. It can make you a misfit as a leader or in your goal to be a happy person in life. You will be fortunate to take advice or feedback – even demand it – to agree on this theory and then forget the past and mend your ways. Else your behaviors will lead to a growing, collective resentment among peers and friends.

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