‘Zoom out’ before you ‘ Zoom in’

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At your child’s annual function – Your  video camera ZOOMS OUT to detect where your child is; and you ZOOM IN to catch useful details of your child’s act while performing. What seems so natural when capturing your child’s act can be quite difficult in real life situations. Given an objective, we often ‘zoom out’ in the wrong area…so finer aspects of zooming in, do not matter, how so ever well they are done. Resulting in – objective not met.  ‘Zoom out’ is identifying, diagnosing what to do. ‘Zoom in’ is doing, implementing, how to etc…  Given an objective, we zoom out on areas through our own lens. The lens is glazed at times with ignorance, lack of subject knowledge, bias towards some people. This results in picking the wrong services to focus our improvements efforts, addressing less important problems, missing the more important ones, not coaching the people who need I the most.  Our real life camera often has good ‘zoom’ in features, but lacks a good ‘zoom out’ design. Outside consultants are a good source to help you zoom out as they bring in the necessary intelligence and are not wearing a biased lens. More important – realizing this is the key, you can choose other means too.

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