Misunderstood Priorities

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Image courtesy:freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy: Freedigitalphotos.net

A doctor knows best- that a one off fever needs a different treatment then a common/frequently occurring fever.

Of-course a frequently occurring fever will need chronic attention into the reasons and detailed analysis. A doctor will not bother you with detailed tests when a one off fever bothers you.A special one off occurrence needs different treatment than a common occurrence- This is the principle.

Unfortunately, a lot of the wrong choices in terms of actions that we take are to do with misapplication of this key principle.  A day gone wrong and we start looking for corrective measures, point is that not every failure should make you want to deeply correct what you are doing. Mistaking a special occurrence for a common occurrence may tamper the whole phenomena of success, so only overreact on commonly occurring issues. You would be better placed to only mildly react to special occurrences and leave it there. 

Warmly. Nancy Katyal

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