Impact Hard with Soft skills

soft skills

PACE your soft skills (Presence, Authenticity, Communication and Emotional Fitness)

One of the biggest impacts of this changing world – is in how we as individuals and organizations do communication.

Companies spend a lot of time, energy and resources to build a powerful brand through a strong product chain and supporting technology and operations.  A key aspect differentiating the good from the best is the knowledge and application of soft skills by its employees. Coupled with the hard skills( knowledge about their job, education etc), these skills can help the staff to refresh the organization processes, enhance productivity and create customer delight experiences. This program is of immense value to new managers by enhancing productivity and quality.

Key topics covered :

  1. Communicating effectively to connect your audience
  2. Effectively organise thoughts to make effective decisions
  3. Ability to Motivate teams to achieve goals
  4. Become a competent presenter
  5. Ability to work in challenging situations
  6. Speak with conviction
  7.  Grace under crisis

We also discuss your relevant requirements and accordingly customise the program for you .

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