Storytelling in Business


storytelling in business

Whatever your field, if part of what you do involves persuading, motivating and inspiring people, then this program will make you believe the immense potential of the Art of Storytelling in Business communication.

Key Skills learned:  

  1. Implementing stories in business scenarios
  2. Engagement and facilitation skills
  3. Communicating message in a relevant, clear and memorable way

Training outline:

Power of storytelling & Why stories matter?

  1.   Storytelling:  leadership and motivational  tool   
  2. Understand the different ways to use stories in business
  3. Communicating culture, values and visions through stories
  4. Qualifications of a good story
  5. Identifying, Crafting and Telling stories
  6. ‘Facts tell, stories sell’
  7. Avoiding Delivery Pitfalls
  8. Practical storytelling
  9. Story  Structure

We also discuss your relevant requirements and accordingly customize the program for you .

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