Nancy is a wonderful trainer. she understands the pulse of the trainees very well and moulds her training accordingly. She is very receptive to inputs and looks at the problem areas from the company and trainee point of view and then delivers as per requirement. Very well spoken and very down to earth, her nature makes her an easy coach. Her course contents are simple but impactful

Uddalak Chatterjee-  Head-Branch Operations- Bajaj Allianz


Seldom you meet people who have such an in depth understanding of personality and emotional traits, the way Nancy does. She has been a great mentor and guide and interactions with her have helped me improve professionally. Thanks Nancy for your guidance

Gokul Sudhakaran-  AVP- Motilal Oswal Financial Services


Nancy is a great motivator and her journey is truly inspiring. She has outstanding coaching skills and is open to share her learnings. She is warm and empathetic and is committed to unleash thr true potential of a person.

Gauri Kacherikar-  Business Leader


Nancy is an amazing soft skill trainer and an image consultant who facilitated couple of workshops at my organisation (Mind Mingle) for educators. From the way she engages each participant attending her workshop to her content and knowledge everything is out of the box.

Shakeel Ahmad-  Co-Founder- Mind Mingle


Nancy is a brilliant coach and trainer. She has a way of explaining concepts with relevant examples and stories and that makes the learning journey with her enjoyable and easy. She is also very approachable and interactive in her sessions.

Isha Shah-  Human Resources- Springer Nature



Its been more than 5 years i have been working with Nancy. She is not just an exceptional trainer but a genuine professional who you can bank on. Getting the crowds attention is what good trainers do but Nancy is amongst the best as she can ask really thought provoking questions that engrosses trainees in workshop. Explaining problem statement is easy as she has the skill to understand pulse of issues quickly and she provides prompt and effective solutions. Its always pleasure working with you Nancy. Keep the same drive and passion and you will be the best!

Varun Patil-  Senior Manager HR- Synechron


Nancy has this uncanny ability to ask the right questions which really make you think! She is an amazing coach, and interacting with her has helped me immensely. She is very professional, a great listener, and a master story teller. Thanks Nancy for your guidance!

Chitra Rajalakshmy-  Product Leader- Calibo


“Nancy was part of my team in her first job with Citi, I have seen Nancy professionally as well as personally as she is more of family now.  She is well rooted and is by far one of the most dedicated and result oriented professional I have ever worked with. She is quite adaptive and I like her approach. I wish her loads of luck… always”.

Bhujvir Chauhan-  CitiBank


“I enjoyed the session thoroughly, as the session was very practical and of great help from the managerial point of view. A great takeaway and learning from the session on Expectation management”.

K.C Bowiskar ,Senior manager(U.I.I co.ltd)


“Nancy has an innate understanding of a client’s unique personal style. Through a short conversation, Nancy assessed my needs for personal and social settings. She is trustworthy, open and honest and knew exactly what is best for me and my needs. An enriching seven days spent with her ,were totally worth it”.

Vani Prashanth, Homemaker, Pune.


“I really liked the way Nancy told us about Body language. I had never realized a few gestures could mean so much and translate into disinterest and domination”.

Ms. Jyoti, Homemaker


“Excellent method of teaching and communication by Ms. Nancy. Very Informative session on Storytelling and effective communication”.

Amrita Khakurdikar, Corporate Professional


“Nancy has a unique way of teaching the children. She will first try and make the children comfortable and first win his/her trust. Once the child is in her fold she will teach them in her own soft way. The best part that I like about her is she is very soft spoken and friendly to the children. All the children seem to connect with her instantly.

My daughter Era was (Now thankfully I can say was) an introvert. She would speak less and shy when speaking to people. She also had stage fright which most students have. After attending the Speech and Public speaking session there was a remarkable difference in her behavior for e.g.

–  A remarkable difference was found in her English language speech. She was pronouncing words properly and sentences grammatically correct. (This was seconded by her school teacher).

–  Her stage fright was considerably reduced and she could speak in front of her class confidently.

There are many more small finer points which help in our day to day life. We as parents generally focus on the children’s study (They should be among the toppers in class). They should know sports and also we enroll them in various dancing, karate, painting classes etc. But Speech and Public Speaking class is a unique way of teaching the child the Basics of life/discipline which will help them in their life through out!!!

So last but not the least I highly recommend Nancy Katyal. And wish her all the very best in life”!

Smita Holey
G.M (International marketing) at Rusan Pharma Ltd


“The session was very good and helpful. I learned a lot, the session on “Creative Fiction Writing” has given me a proper direction .Thank you Nancy ma’am’.

Krishna – Student (Mithibhai college)


“Nancy had done a workshop for my Playschool (Bright Kids Nursery in Kondhwa) Teachers and during this I realized that not only children learn by stories, so can adults. My teachers enjoyed the session because Nancy’s techniques of storytelling was so powerful that the teachers put into practice what she taught the next day at School with the Children. I am looking forward for more sessions with her. So knowing the story and applying it in life means you have succeeded in your mission and indeed Nancy has the capability. She has a wonderful tool i.e stories and along with that her voice, facial expression confidence, empathy and belief gives her an edge over the others”.

Sumeet Kaur Nagpal-Principal and Trainer


“Nancy was a very good teacher. I did a one-on-one session with her on Storytelling. She was very patient and encouraged me a lot. The individual session was “Perfect”. Thank you Nancy for teaching me and guiding me so well.”

Sapna Chheda- Freelance Writer &  Trainer


 “Smart, Elegant & Professional” that was my first impression when I received Nancy at our office in Pune for “The Power of Appearance” session, which in our business of “Business Intelligence” is very essential in our day-to-day conduct and especially when dealing with the customers.

Within minutes of her arrival she put everyone’s anxiety to rest through her friendly but professional approach and went on to deliver the session with complete confidence. I was surprised by the ease with which our team members were interacting with her; normally they would tend to by shy. Her ability to make people feel comfortable, open up and share was another ACE coming out of her sleeve.

The session was very well received and appreciated by everyone and we look forward to having a long term engagement with her company “The Perfect You” for the overall grooming of our team members and help them become the best of the breed Business Intelligence Professionals.

During my interactions with Nancy post the session, I found that she is a very down to earth, straight forward and honest person. I highly recommend “The Perfect You” to organizations who intend to engage with a professional soft skills training company with a difference and the ability to deliver positive and tangible results.

Sajid Pathan-Managing Partner, Beetra Consultancy Services


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